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Międzynarodowe głosy w sprawie zwolnienia Milady Ślizińskiej

White Cube

Cornelia Lauf

The "Officials" who dismissed Milada Ślizińska are right. She is a difficult person. I worked with her twenty some years ago on an exhibition which was the first for many artists to later have major international careers. I remember Milada well. Yelling at Director; yelling for assistants; rummaging through flea markets; wearing that crazy leather hat with the flaps, forgetting about her family; living in the Castle like it was her own.
For some reason, Milada didn't much like me after the show and subsequent lecture I gave in Warsaw. I think she thought I was difficult. I think she is difficult. I am difficult. So is she.
But if she was EASY, and if I was EASY, and if artists were EASY, and LIFE was easy, then there would be NO serious work done, since there would be no battles to wage, no fights to win, no loyalties to conquer, NOTHING to discuss. We might as well be back in Poland in the early 1980s.
Milada Ślizińska and Anda Rottenberg ARE the face of Polish art after the fall of the wall. If they hadn't been THE talent scouts for that country, there WOULD be no institutions in Warsaw worth talking about.
Shame on whoever picks the easy way out. Diamonds don't come from digging in the sand or putting one's head there to look.
Cornelia Lauf

Griselda Pollock

I am also appalled at such injustice. I lend my support to Milada Ślizińska who is an outstanding, highly respected and valuable curator, well-known throughout Europe for her innnovative and thoughtful work. I have known her for several years and been involved with two projects with her. I wish to add my voice of protest to this unjust dismissal. Griselda Pollock

Pippilotti Rist

I worked with Milada Ślizińska and I want to say that she is highly professional, reliable, discreet, creative and inventive. My experience of the collaboration in Warsaw was just the finest! I wish her only the best! When I hear that she lost her job, I am sure this must be a misunderstanding or an injustice. ππlotti Rist

Mary Kelly

To whom it may concern:
I am utterly shocked and dismayed to hear that Milada Ślizińska has been dismissed form her position as Senior Curator! Over the past 20 years, Milada has put Warsaw on the international cultural map with her amazing programs at CCA, Ujazdowski Castle. Artists in Poland and from all over the world have wanted to exhibit there because she created a context where meaningful and important dialogue could take place around the work.
As an artist who has worked with her on an extensive exhibition in 2008, I can say without hesitation that she was the best curator I have ever worked with, not because she was easy, but because she was professional–knowledgeable, efficient and at the same time very respectful of the artist's ideas. As well as her remarkable organizational acumen, she has an incredibly good eye. At the end of my stay in Warsaw, I walked through the show one more time, and was amazed by the transformation she was able to engineer in those difficult spaces.
But the most important and absolutely irreplaceable quality Milada brings to this position is that she knows exactly who and what to bring together at any given moment. This is what makes her programs outstanding. It would be more than a great loss for CCA, if Milada leaves the institution. It would be a national, cultural calamity. Therefore, I highly recommend that she be reinstated immediately.
Mary Kelly

Ursula von Rydingsvard

I am shocked at the dismissal of Milada Ślizińska from the Center of Contemporary Art – Ujazdowski Castle. During her long tenure there, she has curated exhibitions of some of the strongest artists in the world. She is not only extremely dedicated and hard working, but also brilliant in choosing very talented artists, often early on in their careers. Her feelers for talent in artists went also to those who are under recognized, but deserve more recognition. She has always had her ear close to the ground and is led by artists ideas. Her range of styles is very broad- her choices dependent on the quality of the work to be exhibited.
I have had the pleasure of working with her on an exhibition in 1993 during which time she worked extremely hard to make the exhibition happen. It was a period in Polish history during which funding was extremely scarce. Milada was always not only extremely generous, but understood artists in a way that enabled a very productive relationship.
I am greatly saddened at the injustice of her dismissal.
Ursula von Rydingsvard

Mark Nash

This is very bad news. Milada was a major curatorial force at the castle.

Jon Hendricks

I was shocked to receive the news that Milada Ślizińska has been dismissed from her position as Senior Curator leading the International Program in the Center of Contemporary Art – Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw. I have known of her work for many years, and have the highest regard for her and what she's been able to accomplish with modest means but great effort. The reputation of Ujazdowski Castle as a venue of important international art is to a very large extent the result of her work. I hope very much that the officials will reconsider and will re-instate her to her previous position. Jon Hendricks

Nedko Solakov

This is an absurd situation - one of the best curators in Europe to get fired from the art institution which was mostly put on the international map by the same curator. During the years I have worked with many curators and I have to say that my experience with Milada - when preparing my Stories 1 solo show at the castle some ten years ago - was one of the most creative and exciting ones. It is a shame that there is an artworldwide growing the-art-institutions-clerks-strike-back wave and the resent dismissal of one of the most intelligent and ready to take risks curators is part of that wave. Hopefully a real-art-people-driven tsunami will smash it down soon. Nedko Solakov

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